Dreams and Enterpreneurship TEDxYerevan

4th TEDxYerevan was closed a few hours ago. As always inspirational, wonderful, great, motivational ideas, experiences which make you dream and believe in your dreams.
It was amazing to be informed about 3rd TEDxYerevan speakers' stories and opportunities they had after their talks.
Today I'm sure not only speakers but audience too took home lots of positive emotions, happiness and were pushed to have more dreams and not to be afraid to make them true.

Talks were about responsibility (even when you post, tweet in social medias), potential of Armenian archeological tourism (which pointed US Ambassador Mr. John Heffern), the best way of using  intolerance, happiness and big dreams. But the following 2 talks and host Madlene Minassian's positive energy inspired me most.

Still  I'm thinking of real potential of Armenia. Armenia has higher Global Innovation Index  (p. 10, Table 1) then Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan. This fact  makes sense.

The next most inspirational talk for me I will always remember when I walk in streets of Yerevan.  Vahan Stepanyan told about Panarmenian Photo's project "Yerevan's torn memories".  Dear reader, just a rhetorical question to you from the topic of that speech: Do you know that before instead of Lovers' Park there was cemetery?


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